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Our team creates custom small animal fences for the Central and Southern Indiana area that take size, agility, and burrowing habits into account.

We offer a range of options for small animal fencing to meet the needs of various pets and to keep unwanted wildlife out of your Central and Southern Indiana property. Our expert team can help you select the ideal fencing solution based on the specific requirements of your pets and property. From woven wire mesh enclosures to wood board fences, our small animal fences provide reliable containment and durability.

With our small animal fences in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your beloved pets, chickens, or exotic animals are safe and securely contained within their designated areas. Combining functionality with aesthetics, our custom-designed solutions not only protect your animals but also enhance the overall look of your property. Trust Double R Fence to deliver top-quality small animal fencing solutions that prioritize both protection from predators and a dedicated area for your small animals to roam freely.

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A small animal fence for agricultural properties is a fencing system designed to contain or protect smaller animals, such as poultry or small livestock like pigs. These fences are tailored to the specific needs of these animals and often use materials that prevent escapes or predation.

The height of a small animal fence depends on the type of animals you're containing. For poultry, a fence around 4 to 6 feet high is generally sufficient. For animals like pigs, a fence around 3 to 4 feet high might be suitable. Our experts will help you determine the right height and specifications for your Central and Southern Indiana small animal fence.

Yes, small animal fences can protect against predators when designed appropriately. Sturdy fencing materials can prevent them from digging, climbing, or squeezing through. Taller fences can prevent animals from climbing into your small animal enclosure and potentially harming your livestock.

Yes, small animal fencing can be used for rotational grazing, especially for smaller livestock. Creating temporary enclosures within a larger area can help manage grazing and prevent overgrazing while allowing for the regrowth of vegetation.

Small animal fences in Central and Southern Indiana can be customized to suit the needs of different types of animals. This might involve adjusting the height, spacing, or materials used based on the animals you're containing or protecting. We offer woven wire fences and high tensile fences for different animals.

To ensure the safety of small animals, choose fencing materials that prevent them from getting stuck, tangled, or injured. The correct fencing material for your small animal fence will depend on the type of animals you are attempting to enclose; our team can help you determine the right material for your fence. Regularly inspect the fence for any damage, sharp edges, or protrusions that could pose a risk to the animals.

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