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Keep your goats securely contained within your property while also safeguarding them from potential predators with our Central and Southern Indiana goat and sheep fences.

When it comes to goat and sheep fencing, creating a safe environment that is free of potential dangers for your animals is of utmost importance. Goats, in particular, are known for their curiosity and knack for escaping. They frequently get their horns stuck in fences with small mesh sizes, making it difficult for them to back out. To counteract these concerns, we highly recommend woven wire fencing with larger squares as a goat and sheep fence solution in the Central and Southern Indiana area.

Woven wire fencing offers distinct advantages for goat and sheep enclosures due to its durable construction and tightly woven design. This type of fencing provides a reliable barrier that prevents goats and sheep from escaping without posing any danger of trapping their horns or hooves. Let Double R Fence be your partner in safeguarding your Central and Southern Indiana goats and sheep!

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To prevent goats and sheep from escaping, choose fences with small openings or properly tensioned high tensile wire to prevent sheep from squeezing through. The fence should also be at a suitable height to discourage jumping over. Working with the top Central and Southern Indiana goat and sheep fence company ensures you will receive a properly installed fence that is backed by our workmanship warranty.

A fence for goats and sheep should generally be around 4 to 5 feet high. This height is sufficient to prevent most goats and sheep from jumping over, but taller fences might be needed for larger species.

To prevent goats from climbing, choose fences with small openings or high tensile wire that is properly tensioned. Choosing a fence with a small enough opening also ensures that goats cannot get their head or horns stuck in the fence.

Fortunately, our high-quality goat and sheep fencing materials require very little maintenance, but regular maintenance of your goat fence is important to ensure its continued effectiveness. Inspect the fence periodically for any damage, such as holes or bent posts, and repair them promptly. Trim vegetation around the fence to prevent goats from using it as a jumping platform.

Working with a professional fence company ensures that your goat or sheep fence will securely contain your animals for many years to come. Our team has the experience and know-how to design and recommend the ideal fence for your agricultural property in the Central and Southern Indiana area.

Properly constructed and tensioned fences, such as high tensile wire or woven wire, are designed to withstand any pressures goats or sheep may place on the fence. Our professional installation services help eliminate the chances of your animals breaking through the fence.

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