Central and Southern Indiana Alpaca Fencing

Safeguarding your alpacas in the Central and Southern Indiana area is significantly easier with the help from the crew at Double R Fence.

When it comes to alpaca fences, Double R Fence understands the unique needs of alpacas and other exotic animals. Alpaca fences must provide them with secure enclosures that protect them from outside threats and prevent them from becoming entangled in a fence. Our specially designed Central and Southern Indiana alpaca fences are crafted with both durability and safety in mind.

At Double R Fence, we offer a variety of fencing options suitable for alpacas, including sturdy woven wire or high tensile wire fences that prevent hoof entanglement without sacrificing visibility. When you work with our knowledgeable crew, our team can customize your alpaca fence to meet the specific requirements of your property, taking into consideration factors such as slope gradients or existing structures.

Alpaca Fence Central and Southern Indiana

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Barbed wire is not recommended for alpaca fencing in the Central and Southern Indiana area due to the risk of their fleece getting caught in the barbs. Opt for smooth materials like woven wire, mesh panels, or electric fencing for their safety.

Alpacas can be contained with a variety of fencing types, including woven wire, high tensile fences, or electric fencing. The chosen fence should be sturdy and safe, and prevent alpacas from slipping through or getting injured. Additionally, keeping predators out of your alpaca enclosure should be a consideration when choosing a Central and Southern Indiana alpaca fence.

The recommended height for an alpaca fence is around 4 to 5 feet. Alpacas are not known for jumping, but a fence of this height can help deter them from attempting to climb or lean on the fence.

Unlike horses or cattle, alpacas do not usually challenge agricultural fences. However, securely fenced-in areas are incredibly important to prevent predators from harming your alpacas in Central and Southern Indiana.

Yes, electric fencing can be effective for containing alpacas. However, it's recommended to use electric fencing as a psychological deterrent rather than the sole physical barrier. Alpacas generally respect electric fences and will quickly learn to stay away from them.

While alpacas have soft fleece, they don't require specialized fencing solely due to their fleece. However, smooth materials like woven wire fences can help prevent fleece from getting caught, and spacing between wires should be small enough to prevent their heads from fitting through.

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